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The awakening of the 3rd eye or else known as your intuitional insights can be enhanced through wearing this stones combination bracelet. The bracelet is said to be able to enhance the spiritual enlightenment and being able to see the truth. Such a sacred stone was used in the olden days to help control the emotions and negativities surrounding the wearer. It was used in high priest's breastplate to represent the mind the soul due to its powerful balancing energy that are able to keep the mind stable while growing the soul.

Stone :
- Lapis Lazuli
- White Jade

Lapis Lazuli



White Jade

1. Awakening
2. Power stone
3. Royalty
4. Mental power
5. Written in the Old Testament

1. Healing
2. Loving energy
3. Abundance 4. Calming

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Charm : Pixiu in 999 Gold

Wrist Size : 13cm - 20cm

Bead Size : 8mm