The Resolute

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Product Description

This is a mental strength combination. The golden sheen black obsidian is known for its element of warding off evil thoughts and be a victim of malicious acts of others. Amethyst helps promotes inner strength that will help fight against any seductions or other’s opinions. This combination are both very strong crystals of willpower and intuition.

Stone Details 
- Amethyst
- Golden Sheen Obsidian

1. Healing & inner strength
2. Spiritual growth/self-confidence
3. Guard against drunkenness
4. Healing & energizing

Golden Sheen Obsidian

1. Amulet against evil
2. Healing heart
3. Overcome adversity
4. Enhance insight and intuition
5. Strengthen will

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- Dragon Turtle in 916 Gold

Bead Size
- 8mm