Earth Element I - Chrysanthemum Stones

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- Solid, grounding, and reliable
- Related to overall well-being, self-nourishment, and boundaries
- You may need more earth if you are feeling ungrounded and anxious, or if you want to focus on self-care or creating stronger boundaries
- Also helpful to work on being more caring and generous towards others
- Colours: Brown, beige, sierra

Product Description
This beautiful “Flower Stone” is a beautiful gift of nature, a symbol of optimism and joy. Chrysanthemum stone is known to provide calmness, reflective of the presence, integrating change, harmony and blending the knowledge of how everything will work together to help one “bloom”  and progress on the path to the perfect Self. This floral stone wards off negativities and strengthen one’s character, while enhancing compatibility with other and the renewal of relationships. Wear, carry, sleep or meditate with Chrysanthemum stone to activate dormant skills, talents and potential abilities that lie within the Self, to also discover your own calling in life.

Stone Details 


1. Joy
2. Wisdom
3. Courage
4. Letting Go
5. Bloom talents
6. Creativity

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Pixiu in 999 Gold

Bead Size
- 8mm