Force Majeur - The Major Power

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“To the world, you are a mother, but to your family, you are the world.” —Unknown

The power of good health is what this Force Majeur bracelet is designed to serve. Highly rich in iron and energy of the earth, supporting the wearer's health. A great bracelet to have for stimulation of the unconsciouness and brings about the owner's inner potential. Some also believe in hematite's functionality to help in logical & clearer thinking, strengthen will & confidence. A great gift to Mother for her lucky charm in health and life in general.

Stone :
- Hematite


1. Mental Toughness
2. Courage
3. Logical thinking
4. Energy of the earth
5. Health

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Charm : Dragon Turtle in 999 Gold

Wrist Size : 13cm - 20cm

Bead Size : 8mm