L'amour - The Love

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“We are born of love; love is our mother.” —Rumi

L'amour is the representation of the greatest love of all, a Mother's Love. This bracelet is specially designed to embody the energy of love, harnessing the energy of gentleness, love & warmth of rose quartz and sunstone. The combination of these two stones are healing to the heart, enhancing self-love, alleviate stress, solve problems, and increase positivity. A good gift to Mother as a token of your love to her, inducing the light within them to shine outward. l'amour, a bracelet created as a wish of luck & good fortune to the wearer.

Stone :
- Rose Quartz
Pink Swarovski
- Sunstone

Rose Quartz




1. Energy of love
2. Treating you right
3. Healing
4. Seeing people true intentions
5. Enhance morale

1. Freedom
2. Originality
3. Sensuality
4. Independence
5. Luck
6. Health properties
7. Solar energy
8. Stone of leadership

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Charm : Dragon Turtle in 999 Gold

Wrist Size : 13cm - 20cm

Bead Size : 8mm