Metal Element II : Métallo (M)

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Product Description

The combination that brings forth metal toughness and increase intellectual. The stimulation of the unconsciousness within is what will bring upon the wearer’s potential of creativity & clarity of vision. This lucky combo is also known for its lucky charm for health, happiness, optimism, self-confidence, and love. Very suitable for those feeling lost and in need of purifying energy to overcome all the pessimisms in life. 

Stone Details 
- Hematite
- Howlite




1. Seeing the future 
2. Enhance imagination/6th sense 
3. Understanding the self 
4. Mental Toughness 
5. Courage 
6. Logical thinking 
7. Energy of the earth 
8. Health 
9. Purifying 
10. Vitalizing 
11. Brighter Mind 
12. Enhancing love energy

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Pixiu in 916 Gold

Bead Size
- 10mm