Peach of My Heart

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Product Description

The peach of the heart is a combination that can fuel the balance and stability of the head and the heart. Fueling the heart with ultimate love energy and the mental toughness through courageous energy, the self will be in a well protected, well balanced state of being where the wearer will have heightened awareness to see through people's intentions and influence other people's heart.

Stone Details 
- Pearls
- Rose Quartz
- White Swarovski Crystals


Rose Quartz

White Swarovski Crystals

1. Purify
2. Mental toughness
3. Simple & logical thinking
4. Healing
5. Protection
6. Loving energy
7. See through people true intentions
8. Enhance morale
9. Energy amplifier
10. Influence people’s heart
11. Calming
12. Eliminate feeling of aloneness
13. Courage
14. Grounding

Check out the individual stone details here.

- Nine-Tailed Fox in 999 Gold

Bead Size
- 6mm