The Self-Love

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Product Description

This self-love bracelet is a combination of all loving energy that boost one’s confidence, purify the heart, brighten the spirit, and enhance positivities. When the calming, peaceful, and loving energy coincide, one may start noticing good things happening like never before. This bracelet is a definite symbol of richness in life, bringing about love luck, business luck, and health luck.

Stone Details 
- Amazonite
- Aquamarine
- Rose Quartz
- White Jade


1. Balance
2. Connect the energies of heaven and earth
3. Communication
4. Self-actualization
5. Soft & Sensitive


1. Communication
2. Emotional stability
3. Healing

Rose Quartz

1. Energy of love
2. Treating you right
3. Healing
4. Seeing people true intentions
5. Enhance morale
6. Energy amplifier
7. Influence people’s heart
8. Calming
9. Eliminate aloneness

White Jade

1. Healing
2. Loving energy
3. Abundance
4. Calming

Check out the individual stone details here.

- Dragon Turtle in 999 Gold

Bead Size
- 8mm