The Vitality

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Product Description

This vitality bracelet has a very strong grounding effect, helping the wearer enhance their innate ability to overcome challenges in life and progress towards the future. The stabilising effect of this vitality bracelet helps the wearer connect to their inner self, awaken the conscious talents and hidden possibilities within, unblock the heart, relieves anxiety and fear, and overcome traumas in life. This bracelet is highly recommended for people who has a lot of problem solving to do such as consultants, programmers, service industry people, business owners, and project leaders.

Stone Details 
- Lava Stones
- Red Tiger Eye

Lava Stones

1. Energy vitality
2. Healing
3. “Fire”
4. Stabilizing energy
5. Love

Red Tiger Eye

1. Vitality
2. Broadening horizon
3. Problem solving
4. Self-confidence
5. Amulet
6. Bring out inner potential

Check out the individual stone details here.

- Dragon Turtle in 999 Gold

Bead Size
- 8mm