Sweetie Pie

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Product Description

A very sweet pinky bracelet filled with the energy of self-love and love for others. An amazing piece of sweet looking bracelet for someone who would like to improve their emotional intelligence and have a better management of human relationships.

Stone Details 
- Aquamarine
- Moonstone 
- Rose Quartz
- Pink Swarovski Crystal 



Rose Quartz

Pink Swarovski Crystals

1. Improve communication
2. Provide emotional stability
3. Healing
4. Calm the mind
5. Enhance human relationships
6. Fertility
7. Restore self-confidence
8. Love energy for self & others
9. See people true intentions
10. Enhance morale

Check out the individual stone details here.

- Nine-Tailed Fox in 999 Gold

Bead Size
- 6mm