The Meteoric Rise

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Product Description

This bracelet is definitely one you need to enhance your opportunities in life be it to your career progressions or business growth. The combination of energy enhancement will help in creativity and willpower, achieving goals and shooting for the stars. As like many other crystals, this mix is a healing and protective bracelet to the wearer.

Stone Details 
- Red Jasper
- Cherry Quartz Pearls

 Red Jasper 

Cherry Quartz Pearls

1. Mind strengthening
2. Amplifier of energy
3. Enhancing creativity
4. Stone of purpose
5. Hope
6. Purifying energy
7. Problem Solving
8. Purifying
9. Strong Belief
10. Simple thinking
11. Healing
12. Protection

Check out the individual stone details here.

Pixiu in 999 Rose Gold

Bead Size
- 8mm