Water Element I - Aquamarine

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- Flow of money and career, flow releases and still water calms & renew
- Wisdom, social life, and career
- Deep and still like the ocean, dynamic and flowing like the river
- Water helps to connect with others and deepen wisdom, insight, and intuition
- Adding more water elements will increase social connections and enhance intuitions
- Colours: Black, blues

Product Description
A naturally calming color of aquamarine is a definite stress reliever. enhance positivity and brighten the spirit. With the power of flow, this stone also helps the owner to let go of unnecessary feelings/emotions, restoring the energy balance. When everything flows, the courage and confidence will build up to smoothen conversations and enhance interpersonal skills with others.

Stone Details 


1. Communication
2. Emotional stability
3. Healing

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Pixiu in 916 Gold

Bead Size
- 8mm