Water Element II - Blue Tiger Eye

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- Flow of money and career, flow releases and still water calms & renew
- Wisdom, social life, and career
- Deep and still like the ocean, dynamic and flowing like the river
- Water helps to connect with others and deepen wisdom, insight, and intuition
- Adding more water elements will increase social connections and enhance intuitions
- Colours: Black, blues

Product Description
The holy energy of tiger eye is a highly sensitive gemstone to detect any changes, improve the situation accordingly, and ensure to brighten your mind. Also known as the symbol of strength and certainty to help release great ideas & thoughts and see them to light. This protective stone will aid against negative energy, especially to reduce stress and anxiety.

Stone Details 

Blue Tiger Eye  

1. Calming
2. Problem-solving
3. Improve relationships
4. Brighten mind
5. Inner strength         
6. Focus

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Pixiu in 916 Gold

Bead Size
- 10mm