Water Element II : Poseidon (M)

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Product Description

A sacred stone that is historically known to be mystical and powerful. A holy combination that has the essence to bring about grounding and awaken the third eyes to be more insightful. With more balanced energy, the mind will be more stable and soul will be at peace. Need-less energy will be eliminated to clear the energy flow within, open the heart, and overcome past trauma.

Stone Details 
- Lapis Lazuli 
- Lava Stones

Lapis Lazuli

Lava Stones

1. Awakening 
2. Power stone 
3. Royalty 
4. Mental power 
5. Energy vitality 
6. Healing 
7. Stabilizing energy 
8. Love

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Pixiu in 916 Silver

Bead Size
- 10mm