Wood Element I : Dásos (F)

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Product Description

Nature representation of growth and progress in life. Dásos in greek known as Forest is the nature element that brings balance, connect the heaven and earth to help human heal & revitalise. This forest bracelet carries all those energy, thus the name. When in balance, you will be more calm, stable, and feel protected all the time. You will see opportunities coming your way and will help enhance adventures in your life.

Stone Details 
- Green Jade
- Green Goldstone

Green Jade

Green Goldstone 

1. Luck
2. Balancing offense and defense
3. Potential ability
4. Enhance charmer
5. Healing broken heart
6. Goal achievement
7. Calm and stabilizing
8. Protection
9. Healing & revitalizing
10. Opportunistic
11. Enhance adventures

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Pixiu in 916 Gold

Bead Size
- 8mm