Wood Element II - Green Goldstone

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- Creativity, inspiration, motivation, and passion
- Related to flexibility, kindness and healing
- Represents growth and progress
- Best used when in need of growth or a new beginning in some areas of life
- Colours: green, and teal

Product Description
Green goldstone is a great stone to have for someone who wants to start new business or service as it is a stone of revolution and innovative ideas development. This will be the perfect stone for people who are easily influenced by their surroundings & circumstances as it will help the wearer to be more focused and goal orientated. Since ancient time, this stone is believed to help strengthen the circulatory system, strengthen bones, ease arthritis pain, and mental depression.

Stone Details 

Green Goldstone  

1. Focus
2. Calm and stability
3. Protection
4. Heal & revitalise
5. Opportunities
6. Enhance adventures

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Pixiu in 916 Gold

Bead Size
- 10mm